The Joy Of Being An Artist

Not all things in nature had taken a sip of forgiveness when the Supreme Father had served us at the first All Creation Conference. Many had taken just a scoop, barely enough to last a century. The oceans “Okpede” as I can recall had been eager. He was all too welcoming of Supreme Father’s gift... Continue Reading →


If the sun went blind, shadows would become flesh Courage would go limp under the tyranny of fear’s reign The sickening silence crowded loosely by the crickets gawking rhythm, the scrambling of little creatures trying to escape the venom of a new-born snake and the croaking of the frogs that lent their bass to this... Continue Reading →


Under the dark shade of the night, It seeps in. The boom of the speakers carrying the message of truth. Word unadulterated by the burden of political and tribal bias. “A gunshot for the world’s insanity and all guns will blare till infinity. Dystopia should be. Dystopia should be” ZaTron lyrics as usual eats deep... Continue Reading →


“What is your name, Sir?” The black woman seated behind a chair asks Tommy. “My name na Tommy Radiskon” The woman laughs falling back into her chair “I can see your pidgin is quite good. Do you have any relatives or blood relations in Africa” “Yes ma. I get people well well. My grandfather na... Continue Reading →


From the start, The dawn of those eyes I have known tragedy awaits at the other side yet I leapt hoping by a stroke of luck I land somewhere safe; My lover’s heart. Its nerve-wrecking waiting while I plunge towards what is probably heartbreak yet I must confess that I relish every minute of this... Continue Reading →


IN MEMORY OF KEN SARO WIWA I NO BE YANSH I see hope even as the noose tickle the skin on my neck and my foot quiver on the wooden stool below. The priest is mumbling a final prayer of absolution in my sake, with the hope to cleanse my heart of sin that I... Continue Reading →


Iya Ojo adjusts her ghana must go on her lap shifting her frame towards the window. A young boy with an afro slides in beside her. He is followed immediately by a young girl upon whose necks he throws his long arms as she lowers her head on his chest. The driver a stout man... Continue Reading →


Sergeant Ade pokes the corpse on the floor with his pen, his brows hunched as he pondered. "They said he screamed and that was all?" He looked at the other policeman who has a baton under his armpit. "Yes, sir. They say nobody see person enter and nobody be dey with am" Ade rises to... Continue Reading →

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